This organisation is founded by a simple question that might ever taught by everyone.

“What do You want me to do in my life”

Lantern Orion Visions Education, LOVE, is non-profit organisation which move on the education sector that have a missions to provide basic education and talent development for a poor children. This mission was inspire by many cases that uneducated children used to be exploit or “unintentionally” exploit due to economic conditions of their family. By providing the basic education and develop the talent of the children, hopefully the children will have a better future and also be able to help another unlucky children like them.

LOVE’s headquarter located in the area of Prambanan, Central Java, Indonesia bordering with Yogyakarta which famous with its title, City of Education. Based on the statistic data (BPS Central Java), the average of 99.6 % of the children already got the access to basic education.  It is mean only 0.4 % of children that having no access for basic education. Even so, its our duty to help them, the only 0.4 %, to have equal right for education.

Lots of thing need to be prepared to materialize the visions and mission of LOVE. The movement been start step by step since 2018. Share the dream and good will of LOVE to many people has been doing as the first step of this organisation. One by one, people with the same dream been joining LOVE and ready to contribute. Some being ready to be a volunteer, some being ready to donate some fund, and some always give us the motivation for not to give up. No matter the contributions are, its all priceless and meaningful for us. This blog is dedicated to you who have the same dream with LOVE.

“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead”